In what special circumstances might a parent’s obligation to pay child support be changed?

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Did you know that there are special circumstances where you may be able to increase the assessed amount of Child Support payable. These can include:

  • A child turning 18 years in the final year of education.
  • A child with special needs.
  • Private school fees or extra education and/or training outside the school environment (depending on whether it was consented to or not).

Further, the parent who has less regular care of the children and who makes payments directly to third parties for the children may have the assessed amount reduce. These can include:

  • Child care costs
  • School or preschool

It is always best to speak directly to Child Support when looking to make application to vary any child support payable. Alternatively, parents may wish to depart from the assessed amount and enter in a Binding Child Support Agreement. We can assist in formalising a Binding Child Support Agreement in circumstances where you wish to depart from the assessed amount. 

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