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Ready to obtain a Divorce and move forward?

  • You have separated and want a divorce, where to from here?
  • Have you repartnered and looking at remarrying?

Let us assist with finalising your divorce so you can focus on moving forward.

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Applying for a Divorce

You can apply for a Divorce if you have been separated for 12 months or more. The application can be made either together with your ex-partner or by yourself. If there are no children of the relationship or the children are over 18 years old, your matter will be listed and dealt with by the Registrar, without a need for you to attend Court. If there are children of the relationship, the parties will need to attend Court to satisfy the Registrar that appropriate care arrangements have been agreed upon for the children prior to making the Divorce Order.

Obtaining a Divorce is separate to finalising your property settlement. Once your Divorce has been finalised, you have 1 year to finalise your property relationship.

We can assist you with your Affidavit (if required), organising service on your ex partner and dealing with overseas marriages.

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