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Children & Parenting Arrangements

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Children & Parenting Arrangements

Making arrangements for the care and welfare of your children post separation

  • Have you separated and reached an agreement about where the children are living, who they are spending time with and the decision-making process for the children? Would you like to formalise this agreement?
  • Are you unsure what child (custody) arrangements are right for you and your family?
  • Are your children being withheld from you?
  • Are you attempting to lock in visitation arrangements with your children?
  • Are you and your ex-partner unable to agree on the welfare and care arrangements for your children?
  • Are you a grandparent or other person (ie aunt, uncle, step-parent) that has played an important role in the children’s life but are now being excluded?
  • Are you concerned that your children are at risk with your ex-partner?
  • Is your ex-partner excluding you from the important decision making for your children?

We are able to assist you with any of your children (child custody) disputes including any of the above circumstances.

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Navigating Children’s Matters

Your children have a right to have a meaningful relationship with you unless there are exceptional circumstances where it would not be best for them. Children also have a right to have a relationship with people who have played an important role in their life including, grandparents and step-parents.

You can document the care arrangements for your children either by a Parenting Plan (informal) or Consent Order / Court Order if both parents agree to the arrangements. If you are unable to reach an agreement, then you may require the assistance of the Court.

We are able to assist you with negotiating the care arrangements with your ex-partner, representing you at mediation or a family dispute resolution conference and documenting the arrangements so that there is a clear understanding of the arrangements and you can focus on what matters, your family.

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