When should I get legal advice in Family Law matters?

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There are a couple of different occasions that you should obtain legal advice depending on your circumstances.

The first is, if you are considering separating you should get legal advice.

At this point in time, it is a good opportunity to enable you to be informed about where to from here and to consider your options. This will enable you to make plans and put things in place without having to rush with decisions especially when emotions may be heightened.

Alternatively, if you have already separated and haven’t obtained legal advice prior, you should obtain legal advice at the earliest opportunity. This will ensure that your rights are preserved and that you can take the approach steps to implement care arrangements for children, and take the appropriate steps to finalise your property settlement.

It is important to get preliminary advice before making any big decision, for example selling assets, or relocating with children, as those actions are likely to affect your matter in a negative way if not completed appropriately.

Another very important time to obtain legal advice is when you and your former partner have reached and agreement either between yourselves or at mediation.  Obtaining advice at this point in time will enable you to find out whether the proposed agreement for property matters is just and equitable and if it is, we can provide advice as to how to formalise that agreement so it finalises property matters with your former partner.  

You may also need to obtain further legal advice once your matter has been finalised and there are issues with a party complying with the court orders or there are issues with the agreement no longer being workable. You may need to enforce the agreement or may need advice about the appropriate steps required to seek a variation of the court orders.

The best position you can be in, is to be informed prior to making any decisions to ensure that you are making the right decisions.

Farrawell Family Law can help guide you with any preliminary and ongoing assistance you need.

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